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Do you have artwork, stories, or furry creations that you'd like to sell to the furs who will be attending RCFM Sci-Five? Here's what you need to know about the Artists' Alley! If you need more information, please contact Shiro.

The primary rule in the Artistsí Alley is that you can only sell artwork, writings, or other creations that you have personally created. The reselling of merchandise is limited to the vendors in the Barnyard Market. The Alley is a place where you can come to sell your art if you cannot afford a full table in the Barnyard Market. Since the dealers in the Barnyard Market pay for the privilege of a table in the Market, we do not allow displays, electrical equipment, or other items, except for those for sale, at the Artistsí Alley tables. A small, hand-drawn sign on the table saying your name is fine, but nothing larger than 8½" x 11" or attached to the table front.

Hours of Operation:

  Friday May 25th:
    5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  Saturday May 26th:
    10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  Sunday May 27th:
    10:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Please note that the hours posted above are tentative and subject to change without notice. Please refer to the posted signs on the Alley doors for up to the minute information and notices.

Space Availability:

There is no cost for a table in the Artists' Alley. However, table space in the Artists' Alley will be strictly on a first-come, first-seated basis. Dealers are also welcome, after the Barnyard Market closes, to hang out, draw, or what have you.

Each artist will be assigned a single chair and a half-table space in which to work on projects and offer their materials for sale. Since the tables are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, the number of spaces will be limited to the number of table spaces in the Alley. Artists will be allowed breaks from the Alley of fifteen minutes twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon without losing their table space. Artists must let the volunteer manning the Alley know when they are taking a break. Excessive breaks will be seen as a sign that you don't care about having your space and we can not guarantee that other artists will not fill that space. So, please keep it reasonable. Two breaks of fifteen minutes per four hours is more than reasonable.

Sales Tax Collection:

The Rocket City Fur Meet (RCFM) is required to collect Alabama state, Madison County, and Huntsville City sales taxes totaling 8.00% on each and every item sold in the Barnyard Market, Artistsí Alley, and the Art Auction. In an effort to simplify this for our vendors and artists, RCFM will provide and enforce a central cash register system in the Barnyard Market as well as in the other necessary areas. The Barnyard Market Commander, or an appointed associate, will staff these registers at all times. The central registers will be located in the Barnyard Market near the entrance, the Artistsí Alley near the door, and in the Art Auction area on Sunday afternoon for easy access to all convention attendees and artists. Purchases may be made at the closest available register.

All sales must go through the central register. At that time, sales tax will be added to the subtotaled purchase amount and the money for the sale and taxes "under the table" will be asked to leave the Artists' Alley or other area and will have their Meet badge removed by the Barnyard Market Commander.

Vendors and artists will be supplied with purchase slips to fill out for each purchase. The purchaser must then go to the central register and pay for his or her items. At that time, the buyerís purchase slip will be validated and the buyer will present this slip back to the vendor or artist to collect his or her merchandise. Vendors and artists are asked not to release any merchandise without this validated slip. Any artist who is found to be releasing merchandise without a validated purchase slip will be asked to leave their respective area and will no longer be allowed to sell items at the Meet.

This is being done to prevent any misunderstandings with the Alabama State Tax Code and its enforcement at the Meet. The Rocket City FurMeet is responsible for collecting taxes on any item sold at its event. This includes, but is not limited to, commercially available products, original artwork, commissioned artwork, comics, videos, and garments. Taxes collected will be collected in addition to any sale price set by the artist. The collection of sales taxes will in no way affect the artist's bottom line as to what is being charged for their items.

If you wish your items to be priced including taxes, please calculate those amounts based on a tax rate of 8.00%. For example, if you sell an item and want the price including taxes to be $5.00, then you will need to price your merchandise at $4.63. The total with taxes will then be $5.00. Otherwise, the taxes will be added on top of the original purchase price, not affecting the artistís amount collected for the sale.

Payment Methods Accepted:

We will be accepting cash and credit cards. Credit Cards will be processed by RCFM or a similar business designee.

Guidelines on Appropriate Materials:

There will be a family-friendly environment at RCFM so adult oriented merchandise may not be displayed openly. Any material of an adult nature must be either kept behind the table and displayed only for those who ask or the naughty bits must be completely covered in such a way that a casual observer cannot remove them from the display. Minors will have badges of a distinctive color at the Meet and badges are required to be in any Meet area, such as the Artists' Alley, so all artists should be aware of any underage persons requesting adult material and are required to refuse the requests of a minor to view adult material. If RCFM security personnel state that a particular piece of merchandise appears to be of an adult nature and requests that it be covered from public view, we ask that artists please cooperate with such requests. The Barnyard Market Commanders will have final say over what is and what is not adult material. Should it come to the attention of the Barnyard Market Commander that an artist has been selling sexually explicit material to a minor, that artist will be asked to leave the Artists' Alley and will have their Meet badge removed by the Barnyard Market Commander. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

No pirated or otherwise copied material of any kind will be tolerated. Any artist found selling material not created by them will be asked to remove said material from the Alley. Failure to do so will result in table privileges in the Alley being revoked and/or convention membership being revoked. This is not open to debate. The Barnyard Market Commander will have the final say in these matters.

Firearms, drugs of any kind, any explosive devices, hazardous chemicals, and any other substance or material deemed harmful or hazardous by staff will not be allowed in the Artists' Alley. Any items that are prohibited from sale under Alabama state law, Madison county law, or Huntsville city law may not be sold in the Artists' Alley. Any dispute over hazardous / harmful materials will be settled by the Barnyard Market Commanders.

Please note that electronic devices of any kind are prohibited from sale under Huntsville city law without a special license and are therefore prohibited in the Artists' Alley. The Barnyard Market Commander will have the final say over what is and what is not appropriate in the Artists' Alley.

These rules and regulations are in no manner a complete list and any disputes that arise will be settled directly by the Barnyard Market Commander or his assistant. This ruling will be final and with no rebuttals.

Security and Other Considerations:

Any person assigned a table in the RCFM Artists' Alley agrees that they have read and understand the Rules, General Guidelines, and Code of Conduct of the Meet and agrees to abide by these rules at all times. Everyone in the Artist's Alley is expected to follow these rules at all times.

Electrical equipment, stands, or other displays that otherwise belong in the Barnyard Market will not be allowed in the Artists' Alley. A drawing light or desk light is fine, as the Alley is notorious for having insufficient lighting for some artists, especially at night. Any artist overstepping their table space or showing inappropriate displays will be asked to stay within the requirements of the Alley. Staff and security personnel will have final say over what is and what is not considered inappropriate displays or spreading of materials outside of an artist's assigned space.

Table spaces may not be shared or otherwise occupied by more than one artist, though each artist may use the entirety of each half-table space to its fullest extent, provided they do nothing to damage or otherwise modify the table in question.


RCFM does not claim or accept any responsibility or liability for any material artists may bring with them or for liability or responsibility for any damage or infractions that may occur.

Rocket City FurMeet, Inc. is not responsible for any purchases made before, during, or after the Meet from any artist represented at the Meet.

If you have a complaint regarding a artist, please bring it to the attention of the Barnyard Market Commander. However, RCFM simply processes transactions for each artist and will not be held accountable for any of the following:

  • Failure of an artist to produce purchased items
  • Inferior product quality
  • Inability to contact the artist regarding a purchase
  • Unclaimed purchases from artists
  • Wrong product, size, etc.
  • Any other liability deemed such by the RCFM staff

In the event of a complaint or problem, RCFM will act in the best interest of the purchaser and artist to assist in resolving a problem, but RCFM will not make financial restitution for any item.

In the event of multiple complaints regarding a specific artist, Rocket City FurMeet, Inc. will carefully examine each situation. Should an artist be found to be negligent on multiple occasions, that artist may be asked to leave the Rocket City FurMeet and will not be invited back for the next year.

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