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Parenting Children of a Different Species (PCDS) is a private organization with an IRS 501(c) classification as a non-profit charity. It is dedicated to rescuing animals from local shelters just before they are to be put down. The man who founded and runs this organization from his own house south of Huntsville has devoted most of his time, energy, and money to the prevention of the needless deaths of animals who were most likely beloved pets at one time and, hopefully, will be again one day.

You can find the PCDS website with a simple google search of "PCDS." (It is about the seventh hit down the list.) There they have pictures and information on most of the dogs and cats currently in their care. We will have a donation jar in the Barnyard Market and will gladly accept any donations you may care to give.

Between the charity auction and the donation jar, we raised $1,364 in 2006 that went directly to PCDS to help in the care and feeding of these rescued animals. Thank you everyone for bringing in your donated items to the auction, placing your bids, and making donations. Let's see how much more we can raise for PCDS in 2007!

Charity Auction

You can support our charity just by bringing items with you to the Meet that we will put up for auction. Items will be collected by 2, The Ranting Gryphon at his table in the Barnyard Market as well as other locations and the auction will be open to all RCFM attendees. All proceeds from the Charity Auction will go directly to PCDS after the bidding is done.

Please bring cash, your checkbook, or credit card with you to the auction to bid with as we will be collecting bids at the auction itself. Also, bring as many items as you're able, and are comfortable with donating, and help PCDS continue to rescue these animals from the local kill shelters on the day they would otherwise be destroyed.

If you have questions about the auction, please contact 2, The Ranting Gryphon, our Auction Master, at

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