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Artist Guests of Honor: The Carspeckens


Robert & Margaret are not interesting enough to be photographed (according to their cats) so here is a photo of two of their cats

Robert & Margaret Carspecken (R&M Creative Endeavors) are best known these days for having created the original "furry" cookbook, Sweet Treats, and for the online comic strip "Faux Pas." Known mainly for their love of foxes, they currently live at and work from their seven-acre farm in the Missouri Ozarks (hence, OzFoxes) and they sell their fox-related artwork both online and at convention art shows around the world.
Fursuiter Guest of Honor: AnimeCat

AnimeCat is a red-haired golden housecat hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas. By day, she works for the state university hospital, but by night she is a crazy, rampant artist, bent on ruling the world through pointless doodles. She is an awarded costumer, having placed in convention competition around the country, such as Archon, Anime Weekend Atlanta, MidSouthCon, and Project A-Kon. She manages Studio Neko-Neko, her art studio, from the home she shares with 2 cats, a Corgi, and manages to squeeze a boyfriend in there somewhere. She spends her off time wrangling pets, organizing events for her local fursuiting group, and trying to catch naps between projects.
Panelist of Honor: Commander Kitsune

Commander Kitsune
One of his professors in college described him as a jack of all trades, master of none. He was right on. Commander Kitsune dabbles in audio and visual trades, works as a computer systems architect, spent 24 years with the military, and still maintains his "chops" as a musician. He was a panelist at his first con, teaming up with Fred Ladd on how religion was represented in anime. Since then, he's been on panels at nearly every con he's attended and on almost every topic. His favorite type of panel: walnut.
Author Guest of Honor: Jeff Goode

Jeff Goode
Jeff Goode is a director, actor, and the author of over 50 plays, musicals and children's shows, including The Eight: Reindeer Monologues, the cult serial Larry and the Werewolf, and the shock-comedy Poona the Fuckdog and other plays for children.

His published scripts include THE EIGHT (now available in Dutch!), The Messy Adventures of Dick Piston, Hotel Detective and The UBU Plays, a children's trilogy based on the Jarry classic.

Currently living in Los Angeles, Jeff has written television pilots for Fox, UPN, USA Networks, Canal Plus, and two for MTV, including the pilot for Undressed. For the Disney Channel, he created and executive produced the animated series American Dragon: Jake Long.

Jeff is a co-founder of No Shame Theatre, and a founding company member of The Unusual Cabaret [Bar Harbor, Maine] and Pantechnicon Artworks [Chicago].

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