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"Why should I Volunteer?" One reason would be to help us out! It takes a lot of work to make RCFM happen and we all appreciate whatever help we can find.

But, the other great benefit to being a volunteer is that you can get something in return. With only five (5) hours of logged volunteer time, you get a special RCFM mousepad. With ten (10) hours of logged volunteer time, you get a T-Shirt designed specially for volunteers. If you log fifteen (15) hours, you can come to RCFM in 2008 for free! In addition to receiving these goodies, for every three (3) hours you work, you will receive an entry into a special drawing for additional prizes. What kind of prizes? That's a surprise, but, rest assured, Samii is working hard to gather some cool stuff. So, if you think you'd like to volunteer to help us out, please do! It will take many paws to pull this together and make it a great time for all. We'll accept any charity, time, or effort you'd like to give us. If you have any questions about helping us at the Meet by volunteering a little of your time, E-mail Volunteer Wrangler Samii Tiger. Or, use the signup list for volunteering that will be at the Registration desk.

Another way you can help us out is by running a panel or an event. E-mail Draconis, our Master of Events, if you have any ideas about events, if you want to create something to do at the Meet, or if you want to pass along a thought you had. There are many benefits to helping out in this way. Free registration, if we make you a staff member (hey, it could happen), the great feeling that you're directly helping to make the Meet happen, being in control of some of what goes on at the Meet, etc. Those things and POWER. *cough* Ahem. s'cuze me.

We're going to need, come the time of the Meet, a lot of volunteers. They can help with security staff, gopher duties, fursuit assistants, registration desk duties, hospitality kitchen minders, video room attendants, and probably several other chores we haven't thought of yet. It takes all of us to make the Meet work, so lend a paw!

Some volunteer positions that need to be filled:

    • will help patrol the hotel to see that there are no problems during the Meet.
    • will add up volunteer hours by basically hanging out.
    • get a cool badge add-on.
    • get great satisfaction from helping us make the Meet happen!
    • will make Alex and Setsu happy, and that makes everyfur happy.
    Contact Samii or Alex if you'd like to help out.
    • will help out with miscellaneous chores all around the Meet.
    • will add up volunteer hours probably doing many different tasks.
    • get a cool badge add-on.
    • get great satisfaction from helping us make the Meet happen!
    Not a gopher? Not a problem! We need gazelles and other runners as well. Contact Samii if you'd like to help out.
    • get to wake up early, just the way you like it.
    • need to check the morning events to see if the relevant rooms are ready.
    • only have to work half days.
    • get a key to the head cat's room so they can wake him up.
    • have the chance to see at least three sunrises and get volunteer hours for it.
    Contact KO if you'd like to help out.
    • must run one or more roleplaying games in the game room.
    • must laugh with heady power as the hardy adventurers writhe in his clutches.
    Contact Travis if you'd like to help out in the game room.

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